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Customer Comments


“I feel I have come full circle in my life experience, and the knowledge gained on this course will provide a good basis for future employment.”
Jayne, College Learner, February 2017
“The safeguarding was very helpful. From this I have moved on to do other work in the main building of Unity, and also gone on to help vulnerable people on the Jamie Oliver scheme to help them become more independent and to be able to manage life better.”
Sue, College Learner, February 2017
“With lots of help and encouragement from my fantastic tutor I know I can pass this course without a doubt. My tutor has gone out of her way and spent extra hours working really hard with me to achieve this.”
Vicky, College Learner, February 2017
“The impact on my learning and job prospects have been massive. I have not been unemployed since beginning my Level 3. I have signed up to doing my GCSE to start this year due to my tutor picking up on my grammar and spelling problems. I will be a social worker in the future.”
Alison, College Learner, February 2017
“I have learnt a lot and feel more confident in Health & Social Care. I have improved my skills.”
Nourah, College Learner, February 2017
“I have become really confident in myself by attending this college. I have learned lots in English and maths and want to continue doing my courses at this College. I have made good friends and all the staff are really friendly and helpful. If I was to do a level 2 in English I will gain a qualification and have a better chance of finding a job in the customer service area.”
College Learner, February 2016
"The opportunity the College has given me has changed my life. I am very proud of the College. I am also working in a nursery as a volunteer as part of my course. It has made a huge difference to my life after I started the course at Forster Community college, Thank you very much."
College Learner, February 2016
"I have got a job in a care home. The impact it will have on my life will be amazing. The fact that I will be earning money will have a great impact on my whole life. Things like affording new clothes and taking my daughter out."
College Learner December 2015
"I have just successfully gained employment. I feel this role is a massive stepping stone into a career around services which I feel very passionate about. I can see all the hard work I put into my course paying off. This is more than a job, it is a gift, thank you."
College Learner, December 2015
"A quick note to say a huge you from me and the school for volunteering at the Bradford Academy Experience Day yesterday. The careers event was vast (1300 students) and offered students of all ages an insight into various sectors on display and I'm certain that the students benefited from the levels of interaction you provided throughout the day."
Dan, Project Support Assistant, Ahead Partnership, December 2015
"I started my Children & Young People's Workforce course level 3 in 2014 and finished in November 2015. This course would not have been possible without the support of my tutor Margaret. The support, advice and friendliness of Forster Community College has made my course enjoyable, fun and rewarding. If I do choose to study again in the future I will choose Forster Community College because it is such a lovely place."
Alicia, College Learner, November 2015
"My experience at Forster Community College was amazing because we enjoyed ourselves... I'm really going to miss Forster Community College."
Natasha, College Learner, October 2015
"Please accept my thanks for all that you have done to help me. I appreciate you."
Eimar, College Learner, August 2015
"Absolutely fantastic support in all areas and very empathetic to my needs. Everyone is friendly and supportive and you built me confidence and self-esteem up."
Carol, College Learner, August 2015
"Thank you so much for your support. I am very thankful to all the staff for giving me confidence. Now I have a permanant job in the field of teaching. Without your support I could not have done this. Thank you so much."
Jacki, College Learner, July 2015
"...thank you Margaret. I'm so grateful for this qualification."
Shanila, College Learner, June 2015
Re: Maths & English Assessment
"Rob was very 'down to earth, very helpful and offered much support. I had a friendly and welcoming experience today. Thank you Forster College."
Majal, College Learner, March 2015
"Carole has to be the best receptionist ever! Always to happy to help with anything she can."
Raameela, College Learner, February 2015
"Dear Forster Community College Team, I would like to say thank you for the pleasure of being your student! I really appreciate your patience, hard work and what you do every day to organise our classes."
Natalja, College Learner, December 2014
"Just want to say a massive thank you for all the support you have given me throughout my Health & Social Care course."
Michael, College Learner, December 2014
"Thanks to Forster College and Maggie I am starting a full time job as a Recovery Worker. My dream job would not have been possible without the help and support of this fantastic College."
College Learner, October 2014
"This College has been an exceptional place to learn; very person-centred, friendly and helpful. I would recommend this College to others."
College Learner, October 2014
"I have currently just completed a First Aid course with Phil and it was brilliant! I really enjoyed it and he was a great help. I would definitely recommend this College for courses available. Thank you!"
Razwana, College Learner, August 2014
"I would just like to say thank you to Margaret, fantastic tutor! Fantastic receptionist! Fantastic College. Friendly people, nice atmosphere."
Najma, College Learner, June 2014
"I have fully enjoyed the course and gained lots of experience, I have become a more confident person. Thanks to completing the course at Forster Community College, I have now gained employment."
College Learner, May 2014
"Since starting my course, I have learnt a lot about Children’s Development. I was on a placement and have now been offered a full-time job. I strongly believe that doing the course helped me get this job."
College Learner, May 2014
"Hazel has been very supportive all the way through my course, the course helped me to get a job as a Teaching Assistant."
College Learner, May 2014
"Due to completing the course and my placement I am now employed full-time. The College’s support has helped me to achieve this. A big thank you to all at Forster Community College."
College Learner, May 2014
"I enjoyed the course at the College, it boosted my confidence and helped me to get a job."
College Learner, May 2014
"I cannot thank the College enough, without the support of the College and the experience I gained in Hospitality and Catering I would not have gained employment. I am excited about my future and my new job."
College Learner, May 2014
"Had a great time in entry level 3 English. The students were great and Karen is a great tutor with plenty of time for everyone. Also the beef sandwich I had from the Bistro was very nice."
Ali, College Learner, April 2014
"When I first came to this college, all the staff were so lovely towards me and helped me out a lot with whatever I needed. I have now finished my level 2 in both English and maths, and I have to say the tutors were excellent. I thank Roxanne and Karen a lot as I would not have done it without them."
Charlotte, College Learner, March 2014
"Since I called, I felt so good and they helped me fully, Thank you so much for everything includes reception and teachers, everyone. Thank you."
College Learner, March 2014
"Robin Dark is very nice hearted and helpful. Thank you Robin for all your support."
Uzma, College Learner, March 2014
"Carole Parker is very nice and helpful towards everyone especially newcomers, making them feel like a family."
Uzma, College Learner, March 2014
"I just wanted to let you (Margaret) and your colleagues know how much I have enjoyed the past year at FCC doing my Diploma.  As you already know, I think you are a great tutor and you work hard at supporting your students in the same way you have supported me. 
I have tried the main College for a couple of courses previously but found it just wasn't the right college for me to learn at.  Then I came across FCC.  I have found FCC a place where the staff actually knew my name rather than a number allocated to me, people are generally fed up with being just a number so it was always nice to be known as Kath. 
I'm sat here thinking back to how unsure I was about my abilities to do the Diploma when I first started it and now a year later I have the qualification to back up my skills and experiences with working with children and their families, which the work market is looking for.
Your College is an easy relaxed place to be which makes learning easier.  Any further training courses that I find I need, FCC will be my first port of call without a doubt.  I thank and recognize you for the help you have given me during the year."
Kath, College Learner,  December 2013
"When I first enrolled at Forster Community College I was quite nervous, as I didn't know what to expect.  The ladies in reception were lovely, kind and welcoming.  My Tutor, Margaret, is great and very encouraging.  I'm loving my course and my placement.  I would recommend this College to all my friends."
College Learner, December 2013
"Since starting this course and discussing things with Maggie and the others in my group, I felt I was not going anywhere but with their support I started to apply for jobs.  I am sure it was a combination of the support from the group and Maggie telling me I was good at what I did, after she assessed me in the workplace, that I began to believe in myself. 
Last week I was given the opportunity to apply for a part time role in Bridge Unity and was successful.  I am over the moon as I never thought it would happen. This is a dream come true for me and is the best thing to happen to me in a long time."
Martell, College Learner
Update Jan 2014: Martell has now had her contract extended to a full-time position and will be reviewed again in June 2014.
"Since coming on this course my life has changed dramatically.  I isolated myself at home and, with my health issues, thought this is how my life is going to be.  Then I started this course and met an inspirational woman called Maggie and within a year I had got voluntary work and met some fantastic people.  My life is on the up now for the first time ever and after Christmas I will try and get a job."
Lisa, College Learner
"Bradford Central Library Work Club was set up in April 2012.... However, in December 2012 Central Library closed for refurbishment.  We were extremely keen to maintain the Work Club provision in the City Centre, so we approached Forster Community College about the possibility of hiring a room.
The College was most helpful and we started the Work Club sessions in January 2013.  We have a good room with reliable IT provision (and good support when needed).  Everyone in the College is friendly and helpful, from signposting customers to us, to allowing us to keep our resources box at the College.
We have recently learnt that we can not return to the library premises until December 2013 so we are extremely grateful for the venue which we will continue to use until the library re-opens.  However it is hoped that this partnership will continue beyond that date - we have already worked together with the College to provide Local History courses, and more recently, using their Bistro in the City Centre for Saturday storytelling sessions."
Anne, Development Officer: Learning, Bradford Libraries, October 2013
"After doing the IT courses at Forster College it enabled me to use these skills with the admin work I did as a volunteer at Gateway.  I have started a part-time job at the Gateway and doing the ITQ 1 & 2 courses has enabled me to get the position of Project Support Worker."
Brenda, College Learner
"I have finally got a job at the children's centre where I was doing my work experience, thanks to you Hazel.  I learned a lot with you and the patience you have shown throughout the course is highly commendable.  Thanks for everything."
Ayesha, College Learner, September 2013
"Generally outstanding service, by all the staff.  A homely compassionate and realistic service.  I have come across most of the staff who always recognise previous clients and students.  Everyone at Forster College are always happy to help."
Saeed, College Learner, September 2013

"I want to thank you (Margaret) for everything you've done for me.  You never turned me away and also encouraged me to work and believed in me when sometimes I didn't think I'd be able to do it.  I just want to say thank you for all your help, encouragement and understanding from the bottom of my heart."
Preeti, College Learner, August 2013

"Rob, thank you and your colleagues for the first class course (Emergency First Aid) on Thursday and all the excellent help you personally gave me in the run up to the day.  Also, a special thanks to Phil, the Tutor, for his down to earth, practical but informative style which was much appreciated."
College Learner, July 2013
"Thanks so much Pauline for your great investment in me as a learner, for all the positive feedback and encouragement to do well and complete this course.  Although I have been a Support Assistant for some time I now know all the 'nitty gritty' legislation behind the scenes of the school."
Lisa, College Learner, July 2013
"Being at Forster Community College has been a big change for me.  I have matured more and been more committed to what I want to do for the future.  It has made my attitude change and I have changed for the better."
Nathan, College Learner
"I am a volunteer Community Organiser opening a youth club in BD9 to better the community.  The venue was very welcoming and warm with very approachable staff and Phil was the best teacher I've ever had.  Doing these courses (Emergency First Aid and Paediatric First Aid) has strengthened the knowledge I previously had and taught me things I would never have thought of alone.  I would feel confident in opening a youth club knowing I could handle any situation."
Amy, College Learner
"Thank you very much for all your help recently in delivering the hospitality course for CONA. We have successfully employed through it. A real mention for Rob and Sheila who were absolutely brilliant throughout the whole process. I would strongly recommend the College, great staff and excellent support. Thanks again guys, look forward to working with you again in the near future."
Imran, CONA, June 2013
"Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Margaret my Tutor on childcare course level 3. I have enjoyed and learnt new things. I will never forget it. A huge thanks to Carole for her smile and good mood. You are fantastic guys. Keep going!"
Ismat, College Learner, June 2013
"Just to let you know I had a fantastic Tutor called Jo Waddington. Had excellent help and support to help me to pass my Functional Maths level 1. Plenty of fact sheets to help me learn."
College Learner, May 2013

"This course has been very good and beneficial for me and given me confidence in the subject of plastering and equipped me with very good skills.  My tutor Allan has been great, a true professional of his trade and an excellent teacher, for me the best teacher I have had.  I would recommend this College to anyone."
Mohammed, College Learner

"The Construction course was fantastic and has provided me with some great skills to use.  As a result of this course I have successfully completed a complete refurbishment of my bathroom.  I would highly recommend the college, the course and the fantastic tutors."
Steven, College Learner

"Just wanted to say a huge thanks to the team on the Plastering and Tiling course as they have done a stirling job with one of my service users. He has really enjoyed his time at Forster College and hopes to progress to the next level of the course. Many thanks for everything you have done for him."
Helen, NACRO, May 2013
"I just wanted FCC to know that I really do enjoy the course I am on at the College. I find each member of staff more than willing to help me in any way that they can and always it seems with a smile on their faces. I know that if I had tried some other larger Colleges I'm pretty sure I wouldn't still be there, they don't pitch it right for me plus the atmosphere just isn't for me..... but when I came to your College, spoke with you and talked about where I wanted to go with the qualification and decided that the diploma with you would be the best one for me and that was def the right choice for me, trust me when I say to you that if I didn't enjoy the College or the course then I would vote with me feet and leave."
Kath, College Learner, April 2013
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