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Forster Community College


Forster Community College recognises that in pursuing excellence in the College's educational and commercial objectives, there is opportunity to protect the environment by exercising proper control over its activities.  Forster Community College is committed to using resources responsibly; promoting the positive social and economic benefits of its work and reducing the negative impact its operations have on the environment.

Forster Community College acknowledges that its activities have an impact on the environment, and it will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.  It will look to pursue excellence through a wide range of measures these will include:

  • To integrate sustainability policies and practices into the College
  • To ensure all employees understand our Sustainability Policy and conform to the high standards it requires.
  • To manage and conserve resources, reduce energy, promote waste reduction and recycling and work with College suppliers through the procurement process to promote sustainable development.
  • To celebrate sustainable achievement in the college, with our learners and supporters, or out in the wider communities we serve.
  • To address complaints about any breach of our Sustainability Policy promptly and to the satisfaction of all concerned.
This is a journey that Forster Community College can not undertake alone. By working with all our partners, staff and our learners we believe we can transform how we do business and become more efficient in our delivery to the individuals and communities we serve.





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